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Pastor Paul Zander


6732 Lake Rd., York, Pennsylvania 17403.


Outdoor listening is available in the back parking lot on Sunday mornings. (Weather Permitting) Bring a chair to sit under the tent, or remain in your car with your windows down.  If you are worshipping indoors, please refrain from shaking hands. Further social distancing can be maintained inside by watching the service from the Fellowship Hall. **Assisted Listening Headsets Available Upon Request **Deaf Interpreting Available Upon Request **Family Friendly

Sunday School 10:00 | Main Service 11:00-12:20 | Wednesday 7:00 

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Most of all- please seek the Lord with all of your heart

Important Note: We are a Bible-believing and teaching Baptist church. We teach through the Bible. We do not teach commandments or doctrines of men. We are not affiliated with the IFB. We do not support or endorse the teachings of any fundamentalist group. We acknowledge and take a stand against any form of abuse (spiritual, physical, emotional, etc.). 

Sep 1, 2020

We're pretty sure that everyone at Heritage would agree that Kid's Day is about the best Sunday of the year!!! But this year just seemed Extra Special!!! The children all did a great job helping out in the service and we pray that each one remembers something that was shared from God's Word! 

Aug 24, 2020

Are you in a good church???

A good church will be Saved, Sanctified, & Serving!


Aug 21, 2020

Hell is a real place. What will it take to make sure you don't go there? Listen here:

Sunday Morning Message from Pastor Paul

Aug 13, 2020

Continuing our Sunday Morning series on what a good church will do... it will preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Jesus is the ONLY WAY!!

Jul 22, 2020

What are the signs of a "good church?"

Matthew 16; Eph. 3:21; Rom. 4:25, etc.,

Week one